To restaurants

At our store, we make use of our extensive track record and experience, which is favored by many restaurants, to make proposals that are suitable for each store.

Restaurants to which we have made proposals in the past (some)

◯It is possible to order even items that are not in stock.
◯We also accept original made-to-order and custom-made items.
◯We also accept inquiries regarding bulk orders and delivery dates.

Past production examples

At the request of a sushi restaurant in Azabu that has received two Michelin stars, we created an original size to fit the counter.

At the request of a yakitori restaurant located far away that could not come to the store, we made it one size smaller than the one we already have.

We also accept inquiries other than those listed above, so please feel free to contact us.

We will also suggest tableware that is not available in stores while looking at the actual item.

At Utsuwa Oyu Hanare, a reservation-only gallery that proposes tableware for a variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese restaurants and hotels, we will be happy to make suggestions while looking at the actual items. (Available online)

10 minutes walk from Omotesando station

We also assist with new business openings.

We also accept consultations on bulk purchases of cooking utensils, glasses, etc. needed for a new business.

Kyobashi Shiraki Co., Ltd.

About us

The vessels handled by “Oyui” are:
All of our products were selected based on our experience of earning the trust of long-established restaurants in the Nihonbashi area for over 100 years, and by actually meeting and talking with the pottery makers and artists.

Flow of inquiries and proposals

1. Contact Us <br>Please send your inquiry using the form below.

2. Hearing/Proposal
We will provide you with more specific information about your consultation, and we will suggest a vessel that suits your needs. Located in Aoyama, Tokyo. You can also consult with us while looking at the actual product at Hanare . (Available online)

3. Delivery
Depending on the product, it may take up to a day for delivery.