Nobuyuki Furuya

1984 Born in Shigaraki-cho, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture
2005 Graduated from Kyoto Saga University of Arts Junior College Ceramics Course
2007 Studied under Takashi Nakazato

Born as the third son of Michio Furuya, one of Shigaraki's leading potters, he entered Kyoto Saga University of Arts and began studying ceramics.
After graduating from university, he embarked on a journey to visit ceramic production areas across the country. While receiving various inspirations there, he found the work of Mr. Takashi Nakazato at the Ryuta Kiln in Karatsu, where he created things using a kick wheel, to be completely different from his father's work.
The following year, after returning from his trip, he met Mr. Nakazato, who was staying in Shigaraki and producing his work, and immediately became his assistant.
Mr. Nakazato often works in places other than Karatsu, and he accompanies us for several months each year, including the United States the following year and Denmark the following year.He not only helps with the technical aspects, but also makes a living by cooking and eating together. I am still learning that ceramic art is an extension of this.