About us

Online tableware store “Oyu”
Operated by Kyobashi Shiraki Co., Ltd., which celebrated its 125th anniversary last year.
This is an online store for Japanese tableware .


“I want to bring joy through vessels and bring smiles to people.”
With this in mind, we named it ``Oyui'' .

We would like you to become familiar with ``Utsuwa'', a traditional Japanese pottery culture.

Arita ware, Imari ware, Kutani ware, Mino ware, Mashiko ware, which everyone uses every day...
Japan is home to a variety of wonderful makers.

We have delivered ceramics for commercial use to various restaurants and restaurants both domestically and internationally.
Using our experience and discernment , we work with potteries and artists from all over Japan to collect pottery that is easy to use at home.

Utsuwa are tools that are indispensable to daily life.

You can brew coffee in your favorite cup.
Arrange the food on your favorite bowl.
That alone will enrich your life.

We would be happy if you could come across such a masterpiece that fits in each person's hands.

Owner Raita Takeshita