About us

Greetings from the owner

One day, I came across a vessel that had an extraordinary aura to it that made me think, "What is this?"
Can a vessel made by human hands have so much power? I was surprised with.

From the moving experience that food looks completely different depending on the container you put it on,
I gradually became addicted to the world of pottery.

The vessels that are part of Japan's traditional pottery culture are
It's like a practical piece of art that you can use every day, combining beauty, practicality, and functionality.

And Japan has a variety of wonderful makers all over the country.

If we can bring smiles to people's faces with the joy and excitement that our utensils bring,
With this in mind, we named the shop "Oyu".

The vessels handled by “Oyui” are:
All of our products were selected based on our experience of earning the trust of long-established restaurants in the Nihonbashi area for over 100 years, and by actually meeting and talking with the pottery makers and artists.

In our daily lives, we cherish and cherish the tableware that brightly colors our dining table and our mood.
I feel that this value has come to have a richer meaning than ever before.
I would be happy if I could help you find a gem that fits your daily life.

Established in 1899 Kyobashi Shiraki Co., Ltd.

Fourth generation owner Raita Takeshita